Our Mission is to inspire and support our planet’s transition to renewable energy!

We invite you to join us as an Earthstock Solar Ambassador!

Your FREE ticket is just around the corner as soon as you complete the qualifying actions below…

Ambassador Registration (FREE Ticket)

Remember the 7 FREE tickets go to the first 7 ambassadors that complete the qualifying actions… so we recommend you get into ACTION NOW!

Qualifying Actions to receive your FREE Earthstock Weekend Ticket…

Submit 3 qualified projects by September 15th

  • Person must own their home (in our coverage area)
  • Person must provide a copy of their utility bill 
  • Person must schedule a time to review their solar savings report

To be considered a qualified project the home must be suitable for solar (not too much shade from trees etc.) and the homeowner must financially qualify.


  • Make sure you have registered as an Earthstock Solar Ambassador
  • Copy/paste and send the template message below to 5-10 homeowners (in our coverage area)
  • Followup to confirm that they sent a copy of their utility bill and scheduled a time to review their solar savings report (must be scheduled by September 17th)

Send us an email when you have completed your qualifying actions! (info@solar-living.org)

Solar Invitation (Template Message)

Hello friend (personalized friend’s name)! I am honored to share that I am a solar ambassador for Earthstock. Our mission is to support our planet’s transition to renewable energy. We would be honored to provide you with a FREE Solar Design and Energy Savings Report for your home. If you are interested please simply enter your information here (bit.ly/earthstock_solar) and we will be in touch with you soon!

Thank you for helping spread the sunshine!
(Your Name) / Totality Solar Ambassador

Project Consultant / Joshua Alvord
Powur and the Solar Energy Alliance

Creative ideas for who to contact & how!

Below are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing of who you may want to reach out to! Remember you can connect with anyone that owns a home in our coverage area. Think outside the box and be creative in how you connect with people and complete your qualifying actions! 

  • Family… parents, aunts, uncles, siblings… extended family
  • Childhood friends and family
  • Neighbors in your community
  • Professors or teachers from school (present or past)
  • Work colleagues or bosses (present or past)
  • People you meet at events or networking
  • Make creative social media posts
  • Connect with ANYONE that owns a home (in our coverage area)!

Facebook Event

Feel free to invite your friends on Facebook!

Our Mission is to inspire and support our planet’s transition to renewable energy!

Thank you for spreading the sunshine!




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