EcoDistricts is a proud member of the Solar Living Alliance!

 This is a network of businesses and organizations working together to implement a Clean Energy Initiative in support of the Global Climate Action Plan.  Our intention is to collectively install solar panels on over 2 million homes by 2025.

Free Solar Proposal for Homeowners

If you own a home YOU are qualified for a FREE solar proposal from SolarCity!!  This means YOU are eligible for…

  • FREE installation of a no-money down solar system on your home
  • GUARANTEED lower monthly energy bills
  • Utilization of clean renewable energy in your home that helps keep our environment healthy

Get a FREE SOLAR Proposal

Become a Solar Partner or Ambassador

The Solar Living Alliance & EcoDistricts team have created an innovative social platform for people all around the world to contribute to the creation of a clean energy planet.  We are building a powerful team to implement this vision, and we invite YOU to join us!  If you are passionate about creating the most healthy planet possible please watch the video below about becoming a Partner or Ambassador with us in this movement!

For more information click the button below and watch our introduction video…

Join the Team!

Wishing you a beautiful day from the EcoDistricts Team… the sun is shining!!

Here is a short & entertaining video that gives a taste of what this ‘Clean Energy Network’ is all about!! 🙂


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