Elka Yoga is honored to be working together with the Solar Energy Alliance and Yoga for the Planet to provide you with free yoga and renewable energy for your home!

FREE Yoga + Solar Design

Get a FREE Yoga Class & Solar Savings Report for your home…

Promotion Details

To receive your voucher for a FREE class and Solar Savings Report for your home please complete the following actions…

  • Register for your FREE Solar Design
  • Send a copy of your utility bill (helps scale the system)
  • Review your Solar Savings Report

Eligibility Requirements 

  • You must own your home (in our coverage area)
  • Home must be suitable for solar (not too much shade from trees etc.)
  • Must financially qualify (if financing is needed)

Once you have reviewed the Solar Savings Report for your home you will receive your voucher for your free class!

Become a Sunshine Yoga Solar Ambassador!

Solar Ambassador

This gives you the opportunity to share the gift of solar with friends, family & colleagues!

Ambassadors are generously compensated for spreading the sunshine!

In collaboration with Sunshine Yoga, Powur & the Solar Energy Alliance

Feel free to contact us with questions


(619) 517-4469




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