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The Call of the Gaia Gathering…

We call those with the eyes to see and the ears to hear. We call those who are here in service as stewards and guardians of this beautiful planet. We gather with intention to honor the sacredness of all life and Gaia herself. We gather in love, joy, celebration and service. We gather in remembrance of living in right relation and reciprocity. We gather to ensure that future generations have a healthy, thriving planet to live upon. We gather in the joy and presence of great spirit to sing, dance and make music. We gather to live in balance and harmony with nature and all beings. We gather to tend the sacred fire and mend the sacred hoop. We gather to connect our ONE global tribe of diverse cultures, skin colors and beliefs with a shared vision to live in peace and harmony. ~ Aho Mitakuye Oyasin

Please make sure to read through this WHOLE message before purchasing your ticket ($22)

No drugs, alcohol or dogs please ~ Thank You!

We warmly welcome you to join us for our New Year’s Eve Gaia Gathering! We are gathering at Madre Grande Monastery to welcome 2022 in a sacred, intentional and celebratory way. We will be hiking, singing, making music, dancing around the fire, eating yummy food, drinking warm beverages, meditating, doing yoga, laughing and loving. We will be celebrating friends, family, commUnity and life!

This gathering is being co-created by the participants. We have a general schedule, framework and canvas upon which to fill in the details and co-create!

General Schedule (dynamic, flexible & co-created)

Madre Grande Monastery
2260 Lucky Six Truck Trail, Dulzura, CA 91917

Friday (Dec 31st)

  • 11:11 – Land open for arrival
  • 2:30 – Opening Circle
  • 3:00 – Sunset Mountain Hike
  • 6:00 – Potluck
  • 7:30 – Fire, Music and Dance
  • 11:00 – New Year Ceremony
  • 11:30 – New Year Meditation

Saturday (Jan 1st)

  • Sunrise – Yoga & Meditation (maybe? ~ optional)
  • Breakfast
  • Day open for co-creation and connection
  • 10:30 ish – Sri Ganesh Celebration with Robin Christ ~ storytelling, asana, kirtan & meditation
  • 1:00 ish – Sweat Lodge
  • Potential experiences
    • New Year visioning and co-creation session
    • Community building discussion & visioning
    • Hike
    • Sweat Lodge
  • 4:44 – Please leave the property by shortly after sunset to enter into an amazing New Year!

Details & Logistics

The cost for the gathering is $22 to pay for camping and firewood. We will be paying for however much firewood we use… so if you have any wood you can bring please bring it! I will bring a good sized load of wood with me. Once you complete your payment you will be emailed the directions to the property (payment button is at bottom of this page). There is very limited cell reception on the land – so please make sure to have either paid online before getting to the property or have the correct amount of cash to pay on arrival. If you can not make your payment online and want to pay with cash onsite… please email ( for directions. The land is about 30 miles East of San Diego… yet best to give yourself about 1 hour to get there (steep windy dirt road near the end).

*IMPORTANT* When arriving at the property you will be driving very close to the neighbors property. This is a delicate relationship so please drive very slow when arriving at the neighbors land, be kind and if you happen to see a neighbor simply say you are a friend that is visiting Madre Grande for New Year’s. There is a gate that is closed but not locked… please open the gate to drive through and then close the gate behind you.

We will be practicing radical self responsibility for this gathering – please bring everything you will need to be safe and enjoy this experience (food, warm clothing, water, camping gear, plates, bowls, cutlery, cooking items etc). Please also bring any musical instruments you have… we will definitely be making music together! Some people have expressed interest to wear white clothing during the ceremonial parts of the evening… if you feel called to… you are invited to bring white ceremonial clothing with you.

There is a lot of space for camping. Temperatures are often around 40 degrees at night this time of the year, so if you plan on camping bring very warm gear. The Sun Center community space is where we will be spending much of our time for the evening to stay warm by the stove. After our New Year’s meditation it will be an option for those that want to sleep inside to cuddle up on the floor inside (brings pads, cushions, blankets etc). The Sun Center is an old adobe building (similar to a barn) so do not expect it to be much warmer inside than camping – we can do our best to keep the fire burning through the night to keep it as warm as possible.

For the potluck it will be best/easiest to bring things that are already prepared or just need to be heated up. There is an outdoor camping stove that we can use with 4 burners for cooking or heating things up (bring necessary pots/pans etc). We will not be able to fully use the kitchen in the Sun Center (for legal reasons with the county). Yet there are outlets in the Sun Center kitchen that we can use to plug in a crockpot or something similar. Or to heat water for tea etc.

Considering part of the intention for this gathering is healthy stewardship of Gaia – please be conscious and mindful as to what type of food you prepare and bring for the potluck. If possible please minimize the use of single use plastic disposables or waste. Please prepare something made with love… as organic, healthy and non-processed as possible… and if possible sourced from local organic farms.

We will be getting naturally high on love, life, friendship, community, music and celebration! Please do not bring or use any drugs or alcohol for this gathering – if anyone does so they will be kindly asked to leave. Sorry there are no dogs allowed on the land… so please leave your pooch at home.

You are welcome to invite friends that you feel resonate with the vision and intentions of this gathering. Please be discerning and make sure that anyone you invite has read through this entire gathering description and agreements first to make sure they know the intentions and parameters of the gathering. For county reasons this is not a “public” event… it is a “private” event for friends.

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If you feel called to co-create, guide, facilitate or offer anything to these following elements please use the GAIA NETWORK group or event page… or any means of communication you prefer to plan, coordinate and co-create!

Potential Experiences for Co-Creation

  • Hike
  • Potluck
  • Cacao Ceremony
  • Song Circle & Music
  • New Year’s Eve Ceremony & Meditation
  • Yoga, Meditation and/or Movement
  • Sound Healing
  • Sweat Lodge
  • New Year visioning experience
  • CommUnity Visioning discussion
  • Anything else?!

With regards to health guidelines and protocols – you are a sovereign being to make your own choices as to what feels in your highest alignment to honor your own health and the health of others. If you are feeling ill please stay at home, rest and heal… so you can join for future gatherings ~ Thank you!

Please make sure you have read through this ENTIRE event explanation and agreements BEFORE making your payment

$22 Ticket

Thank You!

We look forward to welcoming in the New Year with you!

With gratitude…

Joshua, the Gaia Network and the Gaia Gathering Co-Creators

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