🌞🌻 ~ Opening to the sound of sunshine ~ 🌻🌞

She sings to me from the branches of the trees
She dances upon the breeze into my heart and lungs

She shines through my window in the morning light
She warms my soul until I have no choice but to sing

I sing her name to the heavens
I chant to her sweet lullabies of ancient past

The times we sat around the fire
The Stars tingling within our blood

She moves me
She pulses through me

I hear her heart beat within the drum
I feel the souls of her feet as she dances upon the earth

I hear angels within the voice of her song
Tears of joy melt within me as I’m carried away

Into the next realms we travel
Where light, song and sound become one

I see you in the clouds
I hear your voice on dark nights walking along the seashore

I feel you
Yet I can not touch you

I sense you
Yet I can not see you

You are the spirit that dances within all
You are the sun
You are the moon
And the tides that dance upon the stage

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