Solar SUNday Webinar

Sunday, September 13th @ 11am PST

Are you interested in learning more about solar energy options for your home? Are you interested to learn about how you can contribute to the health of the environment and save money at the same time? If so, we welcome you to join us for our monthly Solar SUNday webinar to learn more about solar designs and options for your home (from the comfort of your own home ~ simply click the Zoom link below)!

Together we will go through a short presentation about the details of how residential solar works, and then provide you with an opportunity to ask questions you may have about your home or other residential projects (this webinar is best suited for homeowners).

In these unique times in history, solar is an amazing opportunity for you to bring your power back into your own hands and onto your own rooftop. It is a self-empowering solution to create local resiliency for you, your family and community.

In appreciation for your participation in the webinar, every guest will have the opportunity to receive a FREE Solar Design for your home! 

You do not need to do anything except show up for the webinar. Yet it would be helpful if you could have a copy of a recent utility bill with you (either physical or digital).  The information on the bill will help us respond as accurately as possible to your questions. 

If SUNday mornings are not good for you, we also hold a monthly webinar on a Thursday evening @ 6:30pm PST.  See our calendar for upcoming events and webinars.

Ps. We also have an Ambassador Program for people who are interested in sharing solar information with their friends, family and colleagues. We have VERY generous referral commissions for ambassadors!

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