Greetings yoga family & teachers! It is with great joy & honor we invite you to participate with us in Yoga for the Planet. #Y4P is an environmental yoga campaign that is actively engaged in supporting San Diego’s transition to a 100% renewable energy city! (we are also active in many other cities – contacts us for details) This is an opportunity to focus our collective intention on the cultivation of a healthy planet and thriving local commUnity. This is also an AUMazing opportunity for YOU to be financially rewarded in a significant way for supporting this great cause. The Solar Energy Alliance would be honored to work together with YOU to activate this movement!

Please see the campaign details below and contact us with any questions!

Teacher Registration

Register as a #Y4P teacher here!

Teacher & Campaign Details

See the campaign details for teachers, students & solar proposals

Teachers Facebook Group

Info & Resources for Teachers (Facebook Group)

Yoga for the Planet

Yoga for the Planet (public webpage for promotion)

Flyers (download & print)

You can download & print flyers here

Teacher Resources

Here is a Google Drive folder with Teacher Resources


~ Namaste ~