Pier to Point Yoga & Wellness is honored to be working together with Yoga for the Planet to provide you with free yoga and renewable energy for your home!

FREE Yoga + Solar Design

Get a FREE Yoga Class & Solar Savings Report for your home…

Promotion Details

To receive your voucher for a FREE class and Solar Savings Report for your home please complete the following actions…

  • Register for your FREE Solar Design
  • Send a copy of your utility bill (helps scale the system)
  • Review your Solar Savings Report

Eligibility Requirements 

  • You must own your home (in our coverage area)
  • Home must be suitable for solar (not too much shade from trees etc.)
  • Must financially qualify (if financing is needed)

Once you have reviewed the Solar Savings Report for your home you will receive your voucher for your free class!

Become a Pier to Point Solar Ambassador!

Solar Ambassador

This gives you the opportunity to share the gift of solar with friends, family & colleagues!

Ambassadors are generously compensated for spreading the sunshine!

In collaboration with Pier to Point, Powur & the Solar Energy Alliance

Feel free to contact us with questions


(619) 517-4469




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